Tuesdays with Dorie: Chocolate Armagnac Cake

Dorie Greenspan's Chocolate Armagnac Cake

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Chocolate Armagnac Cake


13 responses to “Tuesdays with Dorie: Chocolate Armagnac Cake

  1. smallkitchenbigideas

    Your cake looks gorgeous although I am anti-dried fruit.

    I love plums, grapes, cranberries…but I cannot deal with prunes, raisins, or craisins. They are too sweet-the texture is also not right to me.

    I should probably give dried fruit another chance…

  2. gorgeous cake! i must confess i’m one of those who fear prunes. i don’t know why. it’s really ridiculous, and i fully admit that. after all of the glowing reviews, i am determined to make this cake soon.

  3. I love knowing that you can bake succesfully using Smart Balance! I’m going to have to start!

  4. That photo of the forkful of cake is unbelievably wonderful to look at. I wish it was in front of me right now so I could try the cake too.
    What a great job.

  5. That looks really good, well done. Yours is the first post I’ve read that admits to liking prunes before this recipe!

  6. Fantastic recipe. I too love prunes and am not ashamed to say it (just don’t eat too many!). I would probably up the pecans or add some walnuts in this cake because I love the crunch of nuts in almost everything I make. And even without it, the texture of this cake looks velvety and smooth.

  7. I really liked this cake too! Yours looks beautiful!

  8. Wow, your cake is gorgeous, like Ms. Universe gorgeous. Who knew a prune could look so good? I have a confession to make. I, too, like prunes, but my family does not. Also, I am tired of my hubby making faces at everything I like. I mean I make him suffer through my beef liver dinners and lunches that I make especially for me. Wonderfully done!

  9. delectable!

  10. It’s so great that you really, really loved the cake. I’m delighted. Yours looks perfect. And I love the caramel-crunch bars on your banner.

  11. I used raisins, but I like prunes too. The photo with the dripping glaze is great!

  12. Cake looks really moist and delicious. Great job.

  13. Wow, I’m glad that you liked it so much! Hurray for the lowly prune.

    I thought it amusing that so many were up in arms about the prunes. I like them too, for all the reasons you listed.

    Your cake looks fantastic :)

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