Chestnut Pound Cake

Chestnut pound cake

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Chestnut Pound Cake


16 responses to “Chestnut Pound Cake

  1. Great looking pound cake! I am definitely putting this on my to make soon list. I suppose we could always order the chestnuts in syrup on line but the mailing costs are so high it makes me hesitate.

  2. You’d be soo happy in France, chestnut flour (and weird flours in general – kamut, wholewheat small and long grain spelt, rye and what not) is widely available in any health food store!! Great looking cake, and interesting addition of the ground flax… I need to try that soon!

  3. Alice’s recipe is always a winner! I am yet to try this recipe…

  4. Sounds like a very delicious cake! I’d love to make it one day once I manage to get the chestnuts ingredients (absolutly not available here).
    And I love your cake pan, so pretty!

  5. where did you get that pretty cake pan? great pics!

  6. I saw your beautiful cake on foodgawker and as soon I read Alice Medrich, I ran into your blog.. and I’m not desappointed at all! What a great recipe! I’ve always wanted to try her chestnut chocolate torte on bittersweet.. maybe I should try 1st with this one!
    Colloquial Cook is right: finding chestnut flour in Paris is easy.. much easier than finding such a beautiful cake pan ;)

  7. Mmmm, it looks rich and delicious! I’m glad you finally found some chestnut flour after all of your looking.

    That pan is fantastic.

  8. Love that pan! I finally killed my bundt pan so it’s time for a new one. I think I’ll get one that looks like that. Great job getting the cake out in one piece!

  9. What a lovely bundt pan!!

  10. I agree with your husband, a beautiful pan made that beautifully shaped cake. I have Alice’s book you baked from and I love reading it as well. What an exciting find. (the flour). Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. Happy Valentine’s Day

  11. I have recipes that I’m obsessed with, too! I can see how this could be one for you – and now I really want to try it. I’ll be on the lookout for chestnut flour…

  12. This is beautiful! I don’t know if I would have bought a spiral pan like that if I saw it in the store, but you must have great instincts for that kind of stuff.

    My elusive ingredient: vital wheat gluten. Really. I have not a Whole Foods anywhere near my house. It wasn’t until I traveled to Singapore that I found it!

    I just found your blog, by the way, and am really excited to see what else you have in store!

  13. it sounds and looks very delicious !

  14. WOW! I am so glad that you left a comment at the blog, thereby leading me here! I was just looking at chestnut flour on our last visit to the grocery store and I thought “nahhh…I don’t have enough recipes to use up all the flour before it goes stale.” — Now it’ll be the first thing I buy b/c I just have to try this cake.

    The hard-to-find ingredient for me is cornstarch. It’s called maizena here and I was told that I could find it everywhere, but the person who shared that piece of info must not live in these parts. It’s the same with rye flour…can’t find it here (Lombardy) but you can find it in Trentino Alto-Adige!

  15. Oh, this looks and sounds scrumptious … I love that you made healthy substitutions. Thanks for the tip about chestnut flour … I remember looking for it years ago and seeing it in the Italian pork store … I will definitely keep this recipe high on the priority list … nice work! :)

  16. smallkitchenbigideas

    Great looking cake!

    There are recipe from The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken that I have been meaning to make but they call for chestnut flour…

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