Tuesdays with Dorie: World Peace Cookies

Freshly baked yin-yang cookies

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World Peace Cookies


20 responses to “Tuesdays with Dorie: World Peace Cookies

  1. You did an amazing job!!! Those look so great!!!!

  2. They look so cool! It’s too bad they didn’t taste great.

  3. yin yang! i love the concept, even if you weren’t happy with the flavor and the texture of the plain side…i’m wondering what you could do instead…something very vanilla-ey? hmm.

  4. Amazing!!! I love the way your cookies look. What a creative idea. You must be proud of these babies!

  5. The yin/yang is perfect for these cookies. Great creative idea. And they look great.

  6. HEY! What do you know… she’s had the great idea of really making them peacefull!
    Yin and Yang, black and white …Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony, side by side on my piano keyboard, Oh Lord, why don’t weeeeee? LOL LOL LOL

    Beautiful and very creative idea Happytummy!

    P.s.: Thanks for the compliment about my header! …it changes every month really! I make different ones depending on the monthly holiday or event – Valentine’s being obvious this time around! LOL

  7. How creative. I think you’re onto something here!

  8. Oh you are so creative! I think they look amazing. I’m sorry they didn’t taste better though. I like to play around a little too. Note to self: don’t substitute flour for cocoa;)

  9. WOW! I think it’s ok that the texture and the flavor wasn’t your favorite because of the fact that that is so inventive! I love the yin and yang concept! I would have had absolutely NO patience doing that! Great job!

  10. How creative – even if they didn’t come out exactly as planned, they are very pretty. I don’t usually like to make things twice, but I make an exception for these cookies!

  11. I love your concept! Very creative. Maybe if you used vanilla powder or some other type of flavored poweder?

  12. I love how they look so it’s too bad the flavor didn’t match up with the appearance! Maybe add maple or almond extract next time?

  13. they are adorable! too bad light side wasn’t as good… i’m sure there’s something you can substitute instead of flour that i just can’t think of right now ;)

  14. Too cool! Love the idea – maybe upping the brown sugar so you get a bit more moisture on the plain side?

  15. Cool idea, and they look great in the pictures! Maybe use a different sable recipe for the white cookie?

  16. these look great, but where is the recipe for them. i would love to make them… maybe i am just blind and missed it…?

    • hi adri,

      sorry, as part of the tuesdays with dorie group, we don’t post the recipes unless it was our turn to pick them. you’ll see a link to jessica’s cookbook habit blog–she posted the recipe on her site this week.

      but you bring up a good point. i made so many variations to the original recipe, maybe i should start posting my adaptations? thanks for getting me thinking!

  17. I like the patterns in those cookies!

  18. What a great idea! I would have never thought of it. So creative. Remember the NY CCC’s? Maybe a little cake flour would do orjust a sable would do the trick. That is if you want to pursue. This was my first time to make them so I stuck with the revered recipe. They were good. They really do look great. Impressive

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