Honey Vanilla Fleur de Sel Caramels

Fleur de sel caramels

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Honey Vanilla Fleur de Sel Caramels


11 responses to “Honey Vanilla Fleur de Sel Caramels

  1. yay! thanks for the props on the caramels:) i’m so glad you made them and took such amazing photographs.

    now i’m thinking how good they would be coated in DARK CHOCOLATE and then sprinkled with the salt…sounds like another experiment!

  2. beautiful! there’s def something about sweet and salty together that makes food so interesting…yum.

  3. Gorgeous caramels. Honey +fleur de sel = heaven!

  4. Homemade caramels? WOW! I need to get a candy thermometer. I would so like to try these, one day. Is it messy? Hard to clean up?

    • Hi Carolina! These caramels aren’t messy to make at all. The pot definitely gets its fair share of splattering during the boiling process, but all of that stays contained in the pot. And cleanup’s a breeze–just soak the pot in water and everything just dissolves off. The baking pan shouldn’t get messy if you line it with parchment or foil. Everything is pretty easy–hope you get a chance to try them!

  5. Oh gosh, those look dangerously good!

  6. Hi Happy tummy. I have never made caramels or any candy in fact, but gosh, caramel AND fleur de sel may be just to push I need to get started.

  7. I made two batches of these yesterday and they were stunning. They were so easy and tasty. The honey was such a great undertone…

    Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  8. Those caramels are gorgeous!

  9. I was browsing through my favorites on food gawker and your caramels were there and I was making peanut brittle today – so I had the equipment and a new candy thermometer to try out. It’s also a very rare occasion that I have heavy cream in the house, but crap, I used all my sugar on the brittle. Made these with brown sugar and they turned out perfect! I let them go to a little over 250 because I like my caramel chewy! Thanks for posting!

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