Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Rotini pasta with marinara sauce

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Pasta with Marinara Sauce


10 responses to “Pasta with Marinara Sauce

  1. that looks fantastic!! i’d do the same with pepper flakes!

    so funny, i’m the opposite of you– when i was little, you know how much i hated tomatoes but i loooooved spaghetti. so really, it was raw tomato that i hated. now i love them all!

  2. You take such gorgeous pictures it’s making me hungry. :) I LOVE that you make your foods from scratch and choose not to go with the ready canned sauces. You’re definitely my role model!

  3. delicious! i just made rotini with homemade red sauce on Friday night. i added red and yellow peppers to the sauce…yum.

  4. I used to love picking tomatoes from my grandparent’s garden. I can still remember the sweet, warm, smell. I prefer fresh from canned any day! Your pictures are lovely.

  5. Your sauce looks nice and thick. Mine always comes out too thin. Makes me hungry just to look at it.

  6. Ooo… I am definitely drooling now!

    I loved tomatoes as a child, too… especially cherry ones from the garden :) I guess we were both weird kids, huh?!

    Can’t wait to try your recipe – I’m always looking for good marinara sauces.

  7. Awesome! I can’t wait to make this. Umm… Question: what’s a suitable replacement for white wine?

    • Hi Saki! Hope you get to try the recipe–it’s really easy. For the white wine, you could really just substitute water. The purpose of that liquid is just to thin out the sauce a bit. I used white wine because I had an open bottle on hand, but it’s not like I tasted it very strongly in the pasta sauce in the end, once everything was cooked.

  8. hehe… thanks happytummy! ;D

    while I still have you here, heh, what would be a suitable replacement for canned tomatoes? (not the paste)

  9. well, if it’s a different type of canned tomato you’re looking for, i’m sure you could used canned diced, canned crushed or even tomato puree. if you’re looking for something outside of canned entirely, i guess you could just use real tomatoes!

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